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Paradise in Total Eclipse

July 11.1991 After the naming of flowers – Plumeria, Yellow Ginger, Ixora – the garden of lava and white coral scattered like bones fell short; you imagined it wrong. You [...]


            An hour which knows plentitude of soul                               Gaston Bachelard [...]


What is jealousy but the curse of not being one's self   and sinking unknown into the quicksand of infinity


              Secrets of the Talking Jaguar               Martin Prechtel   The delivery was scheduled to arrive by the [...]

Out of the many

Out of the many phrases a few have staying power the rest like tinted snow and pillared dark get lost inside memory's rusty bank as do nifty rhymes like [...]


You notice them on campuses in early April, the maitre’ds Of the future showing customers to their tables. It looks so hopeful: Come join me, realize your dreams here [...]

Zero – 1

This thing about names haunts me. My own name shadows me wherever I go, and I am not clever or quick enough to give it the slip, to lose [...]


Backstage    behind the screen he showed them to you shiny brass profiles elaborately cut with flared sleeves and big heads one mouth an open beak If you are [...]

Consider the Ants

          The noise of the broken spine of an ant here on earth is nothing           in (God's) holy precincts it [...]