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Out of the many

Out of the many phrases a few have staying power the rest like tinted snow and pillared dark get lost inside memory's rusty bank as do nifty rhymes like [...]


You notice them on campuses in early April, the maitre’ds Of the future showing customers to their tables. It looks so hopeful: Come join me, realize your dreams here [...]

Zero – 1

This thing about names haunts me. My own name shadows me wherever I go, and I am not clever or quick enough to give it the slip, to lose [...]


Backstage    behind the screen he showed them to you shiny brass profiles elaborately cut with flared sleeves and big heads one mouth an open beak If you are [...]

Consider the Ants

          The noise of the broken spine of an ant here on earth is nothing           in (God's) holy precincts it [...]

Sowing Rain

When rain rains steadily on roof and deck knocking in gutters splattering against the window as if flung by a Millet farmer sowing rain we stay inside all day [...]


Breathless I stopped mid-climb air-piercing atomic greens and yellows arrowed toward me   terrified of the beak I jerked my face aside   He stood beside me cupping the bird [...]

From Manipur

            From Manipur they came             to dance Priyadarshi's transformation When he returned victorious riding his bull elephant bleeding corpses moaned To silence them [...]