What if the sovereign himself is the villainous

                           destroyer of the realm?

                                                Li Shang-yin


Oh America! God send his grace
greatly needed grace

Save us from this specter
this mind-maimed captain of our careening ship

whose lunacy squalls
from sea to darkening sea

his wrath an infant impotency
disguised by braggadocio

who knows full well it’s all an act
smug because to all he has dissembled

This is his pride his talent his reality

He is deceived
possessed by Powers beyond his powers

like Ahab underneath Ahab
deep in unconscious seas

an unseen god grips and swirls him
dragging him down

In delusion he tweets he would attack the sun
if the sun offended him

as so many have offended him

Cheering crowds
masked gunmen renegades

righteous true believers
genuine heroes and jolly simple folk

all benighted

How is it we respond
embracing or appalled

ourselves possessed
until his hate becomes ours

his crew sycophants
a few afraid of loss cling to gunwales

The best flounder like fish upon the dock
The rest bent on profitable cruises

paid for by the public mint
All discount this

our sinking Ship