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When you get seriously old your dreams vacate nowhere If you're lucky just as daybreak pink seeps between a needles' eye a yellow jack knife   suspended there   simulacrum of [...]


Identy Theft


No   I refuse   I will not cease to be me this name   this birthdate   these secret codes are mine   No to the sneak-thief hiding backstage   too human to name [...]

Identy Theft2021-10-31T12:21:56-07:00

The Expectation


No   I was wrong   There is a beginning and there is an end Eternal time is now and never   Ask your (dead) parents Your carry-all is gone   Your [...]

The Expectation2021-06-04T10:15:28-07:00

Her Time


This is that time barely-there fog dims finities inside the ivy-walled border   absolute clarity   Lit fog on an upper gate-arc edge under falls of branchlets on the verge [...]

Her Time2021-04-27T08:11:28-07:00

What Dwells Within


A handmade ceramic fountain planted with desert flora each in its tiny eloquent identity   succulent greens blush oranges   hints of orpiment yellow at its height a multi-fingered upthrust glorying in [...]

What Dwells Within2021-04-02T15:55:46-07:00

Red Alert


blackbird coming it fast for a landing epaulettes on its outstretched wings a house burning home at risk a land in danger of losing its song   Daniel Polikoff

Red Alert2021-04-01T16:18:47-07:00



  Nothing could be discerned in its porous density   Stooping over I tried to print something important   A black glove gripped my wrist I screamed   Don't scream   [...]


River Styx


  A gallery of faces fills your mind, each one a wave, and your dreams a slough of memory that conjures up a row of heads on spikes of thought. [...]

River Styx2021-02-21T14:05:52-07:00

Meditation on The Big Bang


   Suppose at that instant afterward the strong nuclear and the weak – prone to entropy – combined with electromagnetic force as physicists propose             [...]

Meditation on The Big Bang2021-04-02T14:57:41-07:00

Day’s End


              He  knew his star rose before his birth                                                 Galib                                                 As if – near the end of my days – I stepped [...]

Day’s End2020-12-28T13:56:42-07:00
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