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The Second Hand (Antiphone)

She asks what is sacred answers herself   a mint stem's naked rootlets in a waterglass a second hand clicking   blackwings plunging through an ocean of air   a [...]

Radiance Remembered

It was Rabbit you blamed for eating the primrose In reality it was Squirrel munching and digging with his sharp rodent claws excavator   acrobat evoking laughter his sandy-tan belly hugging [...]


                          What if the sovereign himself is the villainous                   [...]


                                    Listening...we don't.                                      The inner conversation never stops.                                     It's a constant racket                                                                         – Philip Glass     Almost breathless I sat down in my balcony mid-center seat [...]


You are storied: Pulling the iron plough, sign of service and constant labor. No wonder you stand near the child in the manger, warming his cheeks with your breath. Where, [...]

The Pearl

Say I am the king's second daughter in a kingdom where everyone dies say I was sent to the city to recover the pearl guarded by a serpent I was [...]

Between Here and There

Between here and there   one elongated time that began at the farthest reach glazed black pinnacles of rock minarets thrust skyward merging with wind-scoured boulders blocking passage north-northwest where you headed [...]


Almost my favorite lines during the whole Melvillian winter of hearing him, not him exactly, but some guy reading him aloud, mile after mile, and he really did Ishmael justice, [...]

Only a Few

Is it only a few who take the path of many windings who river-like find their way?   What is it I asked one near to my heart who looking [...]

Burial Fragments

—Buena Vista Park, San Francisco     There’s no room for the dead   in this small city, nearly an island, where we trade corpses for houses   digging up [...]