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Pain After Pain

  1     You're counseled when waking to the quick of pain distract yourself    concentrate on breath let Divine Will have its way with you accept what you cannot mitigate [...]


When he listed his manifestations what was missing? He is the lion among beasts and the Himalaya He is the raucous jay and the jet heading eastward through hurtling clouds   [...]

Dark Times

Augustine fearing that his powers of endurance may break pled set me on fire with your love I tasted you and now I hunger and thirst for you   Bonaparte [...]

That Seldom Found Time

This is that seldom found time   reposeful    your feet resting on soft leather  warming in mid-morning light   Fragile webs of cloud shape and reshape      moving in slow motion southward  Billions [...]

As the Body Wanes

About some compensating subtle change the aging speaker and I agree Asked he named it forgivingness The word surrender came to me surrender to the stumbles the avalanche of errors [...]

The Panda Eats Bamboo

He doesn't meditate on a rock by the river praying for the power to save himself has no sense of jeopardy Prophetic vision doesn't perturb him given his ability to [...]


Causes – the battered women cause    the endangered earth cause cause of the diseased    cause of the addicted the deranged cause of those enslaved by too much of [...]


Say I am the king's second daughter in a kingdom where everyone dies say I was sent to the city to recover the pearl guarded by a serpent I was [...]


I am already on my knees. It is the best way to dig weeds out of  dry garden soil. Sweat coils down my neck.  My tongue plays with grit between [...]


How to begin but at the end after rising too early roaming the house replacing whatever in dreamtime was displaced an empty water glass a book splayed open on its [...]