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Poetry Posts are a bi-monthly email of new poems by Phyllis Stowell with the intention of carrying on a poetic dialogue. Individuals who wish to respond are invited to send to me a quote, a lyrical paragraph or a poem of their own. If appropriate, I will post this response in the GUEST folder. If individuals prefer to write something personal not for the GUEST folder, I will respond by email. Posts will be archived for a limited period of time.

The Expectation

No   I was wrong   There is a beginning and there is an end

Eternal time is now and never


Ask your (dead) parents

Your carry-all is gone


Your black cat has a fatal condition

Your best friend isn’t any more


What is expected of when day is fogwhite

Absolute quiet on this side of glass


Late spring cold   ground no pickax can penetrate

Each mistake left its scar


Nothing is expected of you

Nothing is


No   That is wrong   Now is

all that is


The oriole and the mourning doves

have returned


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