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Poetry Posts are a bi-monthly email of new poems by Phyllis Stowell with the intention of carrying on a poetic dialogue. Individuals who wish to respond are invited to send to me a quote, a lyrical paragraph or a poem of their own. If appropriate, I will post this response in the GUEST folder. If individuals prefer to write something personal not for the GUEST folder, I will respond by email. Posts will be archived for a limited period of time.

Day’s End

              He  knew his star rose before his birth



As if – near the end of my days – I stepped into a stream mid-stream

unable to move forward toward an impervious destiny nor go back

where my lover’s death was my sole absolute


Returning in rainy night mist I stalled at the threshold listening to fizzles of rainwater

tapping fallen amber-tree leaves    content   as if December’s penetrating cold

existed to prove me wrong


As it lightens I sit and wait like the lean tensed form of the pianist crabbed over the keys

intensity fiercely held against liminal divide – not yet not yet – his body jerked back

again   not yet



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