It was Rabbit you blamed for eating the primrose

In reality it was Squirrel munching and digging

with his sharp rodent claws

excavator   acrobat evoking laughter

his sandy-tan belly hugging the swaying birdfeeder

foiled again without memory of being foiled


It was yourself you blamed for mismatched

misperceived lifeworld

memory with its claws digging to unearth

not bury flaws


We came from nowhere   no other country

came a seed   a speck   plunging   fiery falling

caught in a current become air

carrying a spark of itself

perceived now and then

in flashes upon a beveled mirror


We are forgiven for desire

for wanting the flower   breaking its stem

carrying it upside down to hold its sap

to keep lastingly its yellow-petaled whole

Curling in upon itself   in silence it dies

back into earth   accepting likely resurrection