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Causes – the battered women cause    the endangered earth cause cause of the diseased    cause of the addicted the deranged cause of those enslaved by too much of [...]


Say I am the king's second daughter in a kingdom where everyone dies say I was sent to the city to recover the pearl guarded by a serpent I was [...]


I am already on my knees. It is the best way to dig weeds out of  dry garden soil. Sweat coils down my neck.  My tongue plays with grit between [...]


How to begin but at the end after rising too early roaming the house replacing whatever in dreamtime was displaced an empty water glass a book splayed open on its [...]

An Apostle

Mary mother of James Salome and Mary Magdalene looking down into the chamber where the body had lain saw two angels or one whose countenance was like lightning or Magdalene [...]


On a sailboat adrift in fog at midnight no food no drink no matter absorbed in yet another calculus his thought not lost but entangled not feeling the endless rocking [...]

Her Dream

Her dream searching for her horse   both fields empty How bereft her look   bereft and burdened by question – how hold emptiness? How endure when mind disrupts instinctual rest and [...]

Asked to climb high risers

Asked to climb high risers up to Zapotec's pyramid plaza I opt for resting by Jaguar's stony paws Asked to stand in line an hour or two to view Oaxaca's [...]

A Door Open

Branches at the window, like someone told the apricot, speak to the house. We can be roused only by an energetic wind. Wind, earlier you came in intervals and I [...]

A fragment of day

A fragment of day batters my brain with its broken maul Like a dream not body-born core-deep tolling calls worshipers at noon calling them home Unbelievably we trust what has [...]